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How to live more sustainably

Living more sustainably has become somewhat of a hot topic of late and at Bearwaste, we’re on board with living a life that’s both fulfilling and kind to the environment. So, when we talk about living more sustainably what does this actually mean? It doesn’t necessarily mean we all need to stop watching TV or stop driving to work, it can simply mean we make a few alterations to our buying habits, as small changes can make a big environmental difference.

When looking at buying big ticket electrical items such as a washing machine or a TV, look for the product efficiency rating which gives an indicator as to how energy-efficient a product is based on how much energy it uses. Energy ratings are based on the amount of energy a device uses measured in kWh, and the better the rating the better for the environment and cheaper for your wallet too.

New energy standards have come into play for some electrical items, with the rest to follow this later this year in 2021. The new ratings will be graded from A-G (A being the most energy efficient).

Here’s the interesting thing, very few electrical items have yet met the new ultra high energy banding, which is forcing manufacturers to get innovative and creative to keep their products energy efficient and relevant to what consumers expect when making an environmentally conscious purchase.

Some retailers are really starting to up their game in selling eco-friendly products with good online retailers now having filters on their sites to help users easily identify which electrical products are the most energy efficient. This is designed to aid consumer decisions in not only choosing a product based on price, and features, but also its wider environmental impact.

But before you do upgrade to more energy efficient electrical items, there are a few hints and tricks you can use to make your existing items more efficient. For example, when using a tumble dryer make sure you clean the filter out after every couple of spins, this will ensure the dryer runs more smoothly. Another tip is to put a dry towel in with your wet/damp clothes as this will reduce the time it takes to dry the clothes.

Fridges and freezers use a lot of energy as they’re always switched on. A couple of tricks here

1. Never leave the freezer door open as it’ll have to work harder to stay cool

2. Set the fridge to 3c and the freezer to -18c

3. Defrost the freezer regularly

4. Ensure the back of the fridge and freezer is clear of any dust, dirt or too much ice as again it’ll just have to work harder otherwise.

Simple tricks make a big difference!

If you are considering purchasing a new electrical item and need your old one clearing away, the retailer might offer this service, or you could simply contact us as the cost or removing a white good such as a dryer or washing machine is just £20 + callout fee.

So there you have it, a little information as what to look for when making that electrical or white good purchase as well as a few hints and tricks to live more sustainably.

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