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Can I change the amount of waste to be cleared on the day?

Yes. Our service is flexible allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of waste that needs clearing on the day and the price would be adjusted accordingly.

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Do I need to be in when the waste is collected?

No. As long as the waste and rubbish is accessible such as on a driveway, we’d clear it while you’re out.

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Will I be notified before you turn up?

Yes. You will receive a text when the driver is on their way - typically an hour/30 minutes beforehand.

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Can I specify a time for the rubbish to be removed?

We offer Morning and Afternoon time slots and will notify you when we’re on our way.

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Is labour and loading included in the price?

Yes. All reasonable labour and loading is included.

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Are there any hidden charges?

No. All our prices are listed on this site.

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What happens to the waste?

The waste and rubbish is sent to the nearest recycling centre to reduce our CO2 footprint and anything that can be reused or given to charity will be.

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Why do you charge a callout fee?

This covers the labour cost and vehicle fuel to conduct a clearance.

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Do you sweep up after the rubbish has been removed?

Yes if a sweep up is needed.

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When do I pay?

The callout fee is taken over the phone in advance and the waste and rubbish is charged on collection.

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How do I pay if I’m not in when collection takes place?

We’d simply send you a payment link to securely pay via card.

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Will I get a receipt?

Yes. You will be sent an electronic receipt and waste transfer note via your phone or email.

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Can I pay in cash?

No. All payments are made securely via card payment or through a payment link.

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Is the payment link safe?

Yes. We use one of the most secure payment systems.

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Are any payment details stored?

No card or bank details are stored unless you’re a repeat business customer and would only be safely stored with permission.

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